Sukhadia's Restaurant, Mithai & Catering
(Los Angeles Location)
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Sukhadia's Los Angeles - About Us
Sukhadia is a corporation with over twenty-one years of experience in the United States, including locations in New Jersey, downtown and Shamburg Chicago area, and Los Angeles.

As a family owned business, we guarantee the freshness of homemade food and the nostalgic taste of India. Originating from the town of Cambay, India, Sukhadia's has since then expanded and upheld the taste of quality sweets. Started in 1880, we have been working with seven outlets located in India and three outlets located in the US.

We also offer a range of sugar-free and vegan products and have created allergant-free products for special needs people.

Catering Service

At Sukhadia's, we have many additional resources to make your event unique and memorable. Apart from quality food and service, we offer other services to make your party planning convenient and easy.

Restaurant Services

Sukhadia's also has a restaurant for those wishing to enjoy a dine-in experience. An extensive menu with dinner and lunch options will be given to those who wish to be seated and served. The restaurant is open from 10 AM-10 PM.

Take Away

Sukhadia's offers a Take Away option which allows the customer to pick up their order instead of being seated. The food will be appropriately packaged and priced according to the specific item.